Invoicing to all Akind companies

Find invoicing information to all companies within Akind. If you miss out on any information or have additional questions, please reach out to for support

Two ways to send us invoices:

In recent years, we have succeeded in reducing our paper consumption by handling all invoices electronically, despite the fact that we are growing in size. As part of our environmental work, we continue to focus on energy-saving measures and no longer accept paper invoices.

  1. PDF-invoicing through Basware
    Find a complete list with our companies and their respective email addresses here.
  2. E-invoicing through PEPPOL
    We are also registered at PEPPOL. Find company VAT numbers and other details here.

Akind is a group of companies, each with different invoicing information. We have listed all Akind companies invoicing information on the link below. If you have questions reach out to your contact person or

Invoicing information

Akind Venture AB
Gamla Tanneforsvägen 92
582 52 Linköping